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Comprehensive Safety Assurance & Operational Excellence

JetReady maintains safety ratings with ARG/US and is registered with Wyvern to ensure that the company’s safety practices meet the industry standards. In addition, JetReady employs a full time Safety Director that continuously monitors all company activity, from maintenance to flight operations, to mitigate potential safety concerns.


The ARGUS Ratings due diligence system offers commercial operators, buyers of charter and passengers around the world the confidence and peace-of-mind desired for their upcoming flight.

With over 500 rated operators around the world and spanning 6 continents, ARGUS Rated Operators fly more hours each year than non-ARGUS Rated operators.

Consumers of charter can ensure their commercial flight requirements are met through ARGUS’ proprietary TripCHEQ, an easy to use, ready report than instantaneously compares your trip requirements against the specific charter operator, aircraft and flight crew assigned to your flight. In a matter of seconds you will see if all of your requirements have been met so you can fly confidently.

Operators in the Registered with Wyvern data network maintain fleet, crew and insurance information as well as verified regulatory documents within the Wyvern system.

Having a Registered with Wyvern data Membership makes it possible to connect with and to discover new sources of lift, work with existing vendors and buyers such as Wyvern Brokers and source new customers.

Registered with Wyvern operator data also displays in Wyvern’s SIR or Safety Intelligence Report, a resource for buyers researching potential and existing charter partners.

Safety is Everything

For Safety Inquiries Contact:

Charlie Morrison
Director of Safety & Training

+1 (407) 479-8900

JetReady Headquarters:
2419 E Commercial Blvd. Ste. 202,
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33308



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