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Executive Jet Services Fort Lauderdale

Florida is one of the leading business aviation markets in the country. Having some of the busiest executive airports in the country, Southern Florida is one of the major hubs for private aviation in the state. Many business people choose executive jet services in Fort Lauderdale as an effective quick transport solution to save time, energy and resources, which can be better spent elsewhere.

In this article, we will cover the following:

Fort Lauderdale aviation

Fort Lauderdale jet center

What are the private jet companies in Florida?

Are Florida jet services affordable?

Fort Lauderdale Aviation

For many executives, private air travel is simply the best way to travel across the country and abroad. It’s by far the quickest way to get from point A to point B and it’s much more convenient than using commercial airliners. With almost 1,700 airports* in operation, a healthy economy and attractive business environment, Florida have become one of the most important executive jet markets in the country.

Side-view of a white private Jet

Private Jet

Private jet flying is services which require special amenities, resources and staff. Let’s go over the specifics and learn more about what these services are all about:

Fort Lauderdale Jet Center

Founded in 2001, Fort Lauderdale Jet Center is one of the leading airport and flying fields operators in the Fort Lauderdale area. The Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport (FXE), its main hub, was opened in 1941 as a World War II training base. The airport is home to 4 FBOs (fixed based operators): Banyan Air Service Fort Lauderdale FL, Sano Jet Center, World Jet, W Aviation.

Other nearby FBOs are SheltAir Aviation Fort Lauderdale, Atlantic Aviation, The Fuel Depot and Hollywood Aviation.

What are the private jet companies in Florida?

Just two decades ago, flying private meant that you had to either charter by flight or own an aircraft outright. This meant that the market was restricted to sports stars, Fortune 500 C-level executives and business tycoons. In other words, private flying was reserved to the super-rich and virtually unheard of for the average small business owner.

Private jet companies in Florida are booming and attract more and more passengers every year. The reasons for this amazing growth are multiple. Firstly, you have the weather, which is ideal for flying year-round and attracts a lot of tourists from across the country and abroad. Secondly, Florida’s no personal income tax policy makes it attractive for people coming from higher taxed areas. Affluent clients are constantly relocating from Chicago, New York, Connecticut and Seattle to Florida.

This massive surge has helped Miami Opa-locka Executive Airport (OPA) enter the top 20 busiest private aviation strips in the United States. A decade ago, it was 63rd. Meanwhile, Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport (FXE), the main Fort Lauderdale private airport, is ranked 24th in the country, with more than 16,000 departures in 2017. This is the center of operations for JetReady.  Growth is expected to continue in the future and it’s estimated to reach 35 percent this year, excluding hurricane-related slowdowns. On the other hand, commercial airports stagnate (for instance, Miami International Airport handled 18,607 flights in 2014 and 18,049 in 2017).

Together, major private jet companies in Florida along with their on-ground terminals and facilities, provide more than 8,000 jobs and have a total industry value of more than $800 million.***

Are Florida jet services affordable?

There’s no secret: private jet services are more expensive than commercial flight services. Prices have dropped significantly during the last decades. However, they vary greatly depending on the type of aircraft, flight distance and other special requirements. For instance, a seat on a 16-seat Bombardier CRJ200 will set you back $2,250 for a flight from Fort Lauderdale to New York. An annual membership card for a Gulfstream 450 starts at $165,000 for 25 flying hours, irrespective of your destination. Generally, Florida jet services are billed hourly and prices start from $1,200 to $8,500 per hour.*** Of course, customized flights are priced differently and you should always ask for a quote for better estimates.

Interior design of a private jet charter

Private Jet Charter Services

While this service is more expensive than commercial flying, there are several advantages you’ll need to take into consideration:

time and convenience – private jet services are more convenient overall. Out of a total of 19,700 airports in the United States, 5,170 airports are open for private flights, while only 503 are open for commercial flight operators. This means that you can land on 10 times more airports than commercial airlines can.**** Simply put, you can fly to virtually any destination in the world, without having to change flights and waste time in various hubs. Direct flights are one of the most important advantages of executive jet services.

Convenience means a lot in the air travel industry, particularly if clients are looking for speed, effectiveness, and privacy. What’s more, when you fly privately, there are no wait times for tickets, inspections or baggage claim lines. Also, missed flights and delays are no longer a worry.

in flight productivity – according to a survey on business traveling, 36 percent of passengers’ in-flight time was spent on meetings with colleagues and 30 percent of the time was dedicated to individual work. The remaining time was spent on leisure, reading or sleeping.

overall professionalism – a big part of running a business is being a professional. And nothing tells a prospective client or investor you are serious than inviting them aboard your private jet to discuss details.

safety – private jet operators offer you impeccable safety records. Pilots are recruited after rigorous testing and assessment. Safety management systems are enforced according to national regulations and, in some cases, you can select your own pilot.

privacy – private jets offer full privacy options, particularly when conducting business meetings. Private executive jets are ideal if you want to keep your meetings and traveling secret, or if you want to avoid unwanted attention.

JetReady is one of the leading private jet charter operators in Florida, offering chartered flights worldwide. Featuring a fleet of midsize to heavy jets, including Challenger 601s, Hawker 800s, Gulfstream GIVs and Gulfstream GIVSPs, the team is READY to handle your private flying needs to any global destination. JetReady is fully ARG/US rated and proudly registered with Wyvern.

Safety, efficiency, innovation and excellence are our core values and we strive to guarantee utmost quality in all aspects of our business and services.

Request a quote or contact us at for more information.


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