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Profit From Luxury: How To Offset The Cost Of Private Jet Ownership

Owning your own private jet makes you seem like a true badass. However, private jet ownership is not for the faint of heart.

In this article, you will learn the following:

The cost of owning a plane can be astronomical and, quite frankly, intimidating. Here are a few tips on how to offset the cost of private jet ownership by chartering.

Cost of Owning a Private Jet

Private jet

It’s easy to understand why there are only roughly 11,000 private jet owners in the United States.

The cost of owning a plane is not an affordable practice for just anyone. Brand new jets can range in price from $3 million to $70 million! When you start to add extra pizza and customization, that price can go up into the hundreds of millions.

After you’ve bought the jet, you still have large expenses in fuel, regular maintenance, and a crew if you’re not a licensed pilot yourself. Despite all of this, owning your very own plane is still pretty awesome.

What is Air Chartering?

Air chartering is the practice of renting out an entire aircraft for a flight, rather than purchasing a ticket for a seat on traditional airline services.

Chartering is sometimes referred to as an air taxi, simply because it’s like using a taxi to go from one destination to the next; you’re the only passenger on board.

Tips to Offset the Cost of Private Jet Ownership: Chartering

Now that you know what air chartering is, use it! This is the number one way to help offset some of the cost of your shiny new private jet. Chartering is really simple, you just get in contact with a company to help advertise the use of your jet.

Here at Jet Ready, we specialize in just that. Give us the details and specs about your specific aircraft, the dates it is available and we take it from there. It really is just that easy.

It may be scary to offer up your plane to complete strangers, but when you’re not using it, why let it sit in a hangar all lonely? Let that baby out to do what it was made to do!

If you know ahead of time when you’ll need to use your own jet for traveling, just let us know and we’ll make note of that in the schedule. You won’t have to worry about it being MIA when you need it, but you will be benefitting financially when you are not using it.

It’s truly a win/win situation!

But Why?

You’re probably asking yourself, “but how often do people charter instead of just buying a regular ticket”? That’s a valid question, but you’d be surprised how often people would prefer to use air charters.

  • One benefit of chartering is the cleanliness. Public airlines do their best, but airplanes are a germaphobe’s nightmare. Recycled air and people from all over the world in a closed space don’t usually lead to nice smells and fresh faces.

With a chartered plane, you’re going to generally have better chances of the plane’s owner caring about their property. The mold and bacteria are going to be significantly lower, fewer chances of getting sick!

  • Another reason, fewer people! We’ve all been there, walking through a crowded airport to get to your gate. Then you stand in line with more people to get to your seat. Only to then be surrounded by strangers for the hours-long flight.

Some are so busy that they simply do not have time to deal with the process of a traditional airport. By using air charters, these people cut out all that unnecessary waiting. And honestly, who wouldn’t want to avoid the crowds of an airport?

  • Lastly, a major reason for air charters is privacy. A lot of celebrities use air charters to travel so they aren’t recognized.

Not only that, it can be safer for them to use a privately owned airplane. They don’t have to worry about passengers knowing who they are and potentially disrupting the flight to get close. Most celebrities don’t want the general public to know where they’re headed anyway.

Tips to Offset the Cost of Private Jet Ownership: Miscellaneous

So maybe you’ve already set up your jet with us for chartering, that’s great! We do have a few other miscellaneous tips to help with offsetting the cost of your plane.

  • Advertising companies sometimes need real-life props to display for their ads.

Whether your jet is in a magazine spread or on a TV commercial, these gigs can help to offset the cost when your chartering schedule is open.

  • Similarly, some modeling agencies need planes for themed shoots.

What’s awesome about this deal, free pictures of your jet for your own use! While the models are getting their pictures taken, your baby is getting the royal treatment to be as shiny and as beautiful as the models posing in front of it.

Ultimately, these are just small off-chance opportunities to fill gaps in the schedule of use for your jet. We still strongly recommend using chartering as the biggest form of offsetting the cost of ownership.

Private Jet Ownership

Jet Charter

Owning your private jet is probably one of the coolest things, but sometimes being cool comes with a high price. Now you know that air chartering is a huge plus for helping to offset the cost of private jet ownership.

If you’re interested in setting up a meeting to chat with us more in-depth about you and your situation, please reach out! You can find our contact information here. We would love to help you and can’t wait to talk to you!

Our website also offers more information about the industry standards of safety that we strive to continue to meet. Also on our website, some recent writings about the happenings with Jet Ready.

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