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Charter Jets: What are they? And Why Should You Hire One?

In one year, there was a 5.6 percent increase in the number of private jets hired. More people are realizing how convenient, stress-free, and enjoyable they are.

Why haven’t you flown private yet?

Most people assume that charter jets are way out of their budget. Or, that their trip doesn’t require a private plane. Both are far from the truth.

If you’re curious about what it would be like to fly private, keep reading. Learn about the benefits that come with hiring a charter plane and how to pick the right company.

What Are Charter Jets?

Charter jets are planes owned by private aviation companies. Both charter jets and commercial planes can use commercial airports. But, charter jets have access to hundreds of other private launching and landing locations across the world.

Licensed under similar regulations as air taxis, charter jets can go any distance.

Flyers simply find a company with charter jets, book it for the day of their trip, and pay by the hour.

This is not the same as fractional aircraft ownership. You don’t own any part of the plane; you simply hire it for your trip.

What are the Benefits of Flying Private?

Charter jets provide a much more enjoyable experience than flying commercial. These are the most commonly appreciated benefits.

1. You Get There Faster

A commercial flight from Palm Springs to Fresno can take up to five hours. But, with a charter jet, you can get there in as little as 45 minutes.

That’s considering wait times for all the passengers to board and security lines.

With a charter jet, you’re not held back by anyone else’s schedules. If you need to get to New York as soon as possible, you can by flying private.

Plus, for families with antsy kids headed to Disney, that’s less time answering, “are we there yet?”

2. You Can Be More Productive

Do you prefer to get work done when you fly? Perhaps you’ve pulled down your tray table, plopped your laptop on top, then had to put it all away when the person beside you needs the bathroom.

Then, the kiddo behind you is kicking your seat.

And, the neighbor who’s annoyed with your laptop screen’s brightness keeps scoffing. Being productive on commercial planes can be challenging.

Enter the productive atmosphere of a charter jet.

You have tons of space to spread out your laptop, notebooks, and any other work supplies. Even your legs have more space to stretch out and get comfortable.

There’s WIFI, outlets, and all the quietness you need to get work done. Your work doesn’t have to halt just because you’re traveling.

3. There’s Less Stress

There’s no doubt about it, airports are stressful.

You must check-in, check your luggage, get through security, and find your gate. If there’s a delay in any of those steps, you could miss your flight.

With a charter jet, there’s next to no stress.

You don’t go through security, scramble to get to your gate, and sit down as the adrenaline is still pumping. The jet doesn’t leave without you.

Even when you’re traveling with kids, it’s less stressful on a private jet. There’s no risk of losing them in the airport. And, once you’re on board, they can play and be as loud as you let them.

Although you can fly out of the same airport as commercial flights, your charter jet operates privately. The jet company wants to ensure you have a stress-free experience using their planes!

4. There’s More Privacy

Flying with your colleagues to a work conference should be productive if you choose. But, when you fly commercial, there are often too many strangers around to discuss confidential matters.

It’s better to fly private with your team so you can talk freely about work. In fact, you could hold entire project meetings on the plane.

Privacy is also nice if you’re treating someone to a special trip. Perhaps it’s your entire family going on vacation together for the first time. Or, your girlfriend who will hopefully become your fiancée.

Having privacy on a plane makes the experience more fun.

5. You Get Dedicated Support

On a commercial flight, you’re sharing the flight support team with hundreds of other people. When you need something fast, you likely aren’t going to get it.

Perhaps you need hot water to warm up your baby’s bottle. Or, you’d like to order something from the in-flight menu. If you’d like a glass of wine for your team, you likely won’t all get them at the same time.

But, on a charter jet, the flight support team is only there for you. Every need or want you may have they’ll be happy to help with.

Should You Hire a Charter Jet?

Charter jets make more sense for most travel scenarios. If you’re flying with your colleagues and need to be productive in privacy, a jet is best. If you’re flying with kids and don’t want the hassle of the airport, a jet is easier.

And, they’re simply more fun. You can go anywhere in the world. If you’re going on a special trip, flying private makes the who experience more memorable.

But, keep in mind that not all charter jet companies are the same. Find a company with years of experience, excellent reviews, and all the services you need.

Interested in Learning More About Charter Jets for Your Next Trip?

The benefits of hiring a charter jet for your next trip far outweigh any benefits of flying commercial. Whether you’re flying domestically for business or internationally for fun, charter jets are the way to go.

If those benefits weren’t enough to sway you, there’s more. Contact us to find out everything we offer with our jets and to request a quote.

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